Wingnut screws Cornell; Liberals ain’t got nuthin’

Prankster James O’Keefe tricked a Cornell University dean into saying nice things about ISIS and Hamas — on camera.

It’s hardly news: people say dumb shit all the time. Mostly they seem to be right-wingers but O’Keefe has occasionally gotten some naif to do likewise.

The story has been blared all over the right-wing media. If you doubt me, just do a web search on the name of the dean in question, Joseph Scaffido.

What’s interesting is the weakness of the non-wingnut media’s response. Salon called the O’Keefe piece a “hit job” but was otherwise pretty toothless. The Cornell student paper was similarly wishy-washy. The mainstream media seems to be ignoring the story.

But the Bitemaster will now step up to the plate and reveal that he’s been hearing rumors that O’Keefe just creates his videos in a studio, using advanced CGI, paid for by the Iranians. Why would Iran care? Because the cost — thought to be in the low eight figures — is cheaper than developing or purchasing ordnance that could be used against the US.

Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video | New York Post.

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