Who will lead the incoming US government?

The Trump Team

PresidentDonald TrumpyesnoBS in economics, Wharton3business (2nd generation), tv personality, author24 hour tweeter, always on the attack, no patience for details
Vice PresidentMike PencenonoJD, Indiana U1US Rep, GovernorConservative Republican
Chief strategist and senior counselorSteve BannonyesyesMBA, Harvard3Goldman Sachs, movie producer, Breitbart News Exec ChairIdeological leader of the Alt-Right
Chief of StaffReince Priebus nonoJD, Univ of Miami1GOP operativeCan talk to both Tea Party and mainline Repubs
Senior White House AdviserJared KushneryesnoMBA, JD, NYU1 - Ivanka TrumpReal estate developer (2nd gen.), investorFather was busted by Chris Christie; plans to sell most of his portfolio; problems with Federal nepotism law
Nat'l Security AdvisorMichael T. FlynnnoyesMBA, Golden Gate U; MA, Naval War CollegeConfirmed bachelor33 yrs military; Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency; consultantFriend of Russia; possible violation of Logan Act
White House budget directorMick MulvaneynonoBS, Georgetown U, Int'l Economics, Commerce and Finance; JD, U of NC1politician, businessman, lawyerpaid maid or nanny off the books
Press SecySean SpicernoyesMA, Naval War College1Republican communications specialisttraffics in "alternative facts"
Sec of StateRex TillersonyesnoBS, civil engineering, U of TX1Exxon CEOPutin buddy
Treasury SecSteve MnuchinyesnoBA, Yaleengaged to #3Goldman Sachs (2nd generation); Jewish
Defense SecJames MattisnoyesBA, Central Wash. UConfirmed bachelor4 star general, MarinesNickname "Mad Dog"; no longer opposes gays and women in military; will need waiver of National Security Act of 1947; better than Trump on foreign policy
Attorney GenJeff SessionsnoyesJD, U of Alabama;1US Attorney, Ala Atty Gen, US SenateConservative Republican; supports reduced penalties for crack possession
Homeland Security SecJohn F. KellynoyesMA, Georgetown U; MS, Nat'l Defense U1Marine Corps Major General, lobbyistTwo children in the Marines, one died in combat
Commerce SecWilbur RossyesnoMBA, Harvard3investor, speculator, businessmanHelped Trump with bankruptcies; undocumented household employee
Labor SecAndrew PuzderyesnoJD, Washington U2businessman: Carl's Jr and Hardeesanti-abortion pioneer
Health & Human Svcs SecTom PricenonoMD, U of Mich1Geo State Sen; US Rep., surgeonSponsor of Empowering Patients First Act (Obamacare replacement) and other healthcare legislation; active trader in healthcare stocks; "I seen my opportunities and I took 'em."
HUD secBen CarsonyesnoMD, U of Mich1SurgeonHe's black
Interior SecRyan ZinkenoyesMBA, National U; MS, global leadership, U of San Diego1elected officialunderstands global warming threat
Transp SecElaine ChaononoMBA, Harvard1 - Mitch McConnellSec of Labor, Dep Sec of Transpborn in Taiwan
Energy SecRick PerrynoyesBS, TX A&M1TX Govintelligent design; Bd member, Dakota Access Pipeline
EPA secScott Pruitt?noJD, U of Tulsa1lawyer, OK Atty Gen'lclimate skeptic
SEC ChairJay ClaytonyesnoBS, JD, U of PennunklawyerBig deal Wall Street lawyer
Education SecBetsy DeVosyesnoBA, Calvin College1business, investor, philanthropistMajor figure in charter school movement; anti-union
Agriculture SecSonny PerduenoyesDVM, U of GA1politician, Gov of GASneaky land deal
CIA DirMike Pompeo?yesJD, Harvard1military, business, US Cong, House Intelligence Commfar-right on everything
FCC ChairAjit PainonoBA, Harvard; JD, U of Chicago1telecommunications attorney; FCC commissioneranti net neutrality; seeks reduced regulation; parents born in India
Amb to UNNikki HaleynonoBS, Clemson U, accounting1business, community service. politics, SC Govpro-life, conservative, Sikh parents
Amb to UKWoody Johnson IVyesnoBA, U of AZ2business (4th gen), philanthropymoderate Republican until 2016
Amb to IsraelDavid M. Friedman?noJD, NYU1bankruptcy lawyer (!)Jewish; supports Israeli settlements; right-wing fanatic
Amb to ChinaTerry BranstadyesyesJD, Drake U1Gov of Iowaold friend of Xi Jinping
Sec of the ArmyVincent ViolayesyesJD, NY Law1Successful businessman, stock brokernot as rich as Trump
Chair of commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrityRobert F. Kennedy, Jr.?noJD, U of VA; LLM, Pace U3Attorney (briefly disbarred); environmentalistAnti-vaxxer
Senior director of strategic communications for the National Security CouncilMonica CrowleynonoPhD, international relations, Columbia U0Author, punditWorked for Nixon; alleged plagiarist; expected to jump ship.
Cybersecurity advisorRudy GiulianiyesnoJD, NYU3Lawyer, US Atty, Mayor of NYCGreat during Sept 11 attacks, unimpressive since then
Head of National Trade CouncilPeter NavarronoPeace Corps, 3 yrsMPA and PhD, Harvard U1Economist, author, professorFringe economist, anti-China
Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory ReformCarl Icahn yesyesBA, Princeton2Investor, speculator, corporate raider

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