Texas school district uses RFID to track students’ movement all day long

Sure, some people will complain about the supposed invasion of privacy in the Northside school district, where students have to carry around a microchip so their movements can be tracked by RFID readers in the ceiling (I’m NOT making this up). But the good news is that the district could make some extra money by selling the captured data to Google.

Think of the ways this system could be leveraged to “improve the user experience” — If you spend too much time standing in front of the Fritos machine, Google could text you with a suggestion that you buy some healthy snacks. Or, if you try to cut Mr Bland’s geography class, you’ll get a robocall reminding you that you’re in danger of failing. If you keep going to the bathroom, you’ll see helpful ads for urologists the next time you check your Gmail.

Schools’ tracking devices cause controversy – Houston Chronicle.

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