Terence Crutcher — it’s complicated

Terence Crutcher was shot to death by an Oklahoma police officer last week.

Terence Crutcher:

  • a protective order from 12 years ago (c. 2004) that was dismissed
  • imprisoned on a drug charge in 2007
  • a “couple of financial things” — no date given
  • no violent criminal history, no warrants
  • unarmed when shot

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby:

  • illegal drug use (marijuana) about 1992, when she was 18
  • temporary restraining order for damaging a boyfriend’s car during a breakup in 1993
  • 2002 protective order for harassment

The Hannitys of the world say that Crutcher has “a long criminal history,” which seems to be stretching the truth a bit.

The anti-Shelby voices say she had “multiple restraining orders” — but her run-ins with the law seem to pre-date Crutcher’s by quite a bit.

So it seems to me that partisans of both sides are trying to smear the other.

Source: Sean Hannity rebuffed after trying to smear Terence Crutcher

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