Surprise! Met Museum of Art lied about ‘suggested” admission entry fees

The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently argued it was granted permission to solicit fees “after the museum received approval from New York City’s Administrator of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs more than four decades ago,” Director and CEO Thomas P. Campbell (2010 salary and benefits: $1.04 million) wrote in a public letter on April 4. But the New York Post obtained all the documents governing the admissions policy between the Met and the city going back over 100 years, to determine if that document actually exists. It does not.

via Met Museum of Art misleading patrons about “suggested” entry fees, documents indicate –

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  1. MrMild tells us that Gerald Lee Jones, a former supervisor in the Met’s admissions department has given an affidavit in a suit against the museum, saying, in part, “Cashiers are not only trained to avoid disclosing the truth about the museum’s admission prices; their compensation and their continued employment may largely depend on them not revealing it.”

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