‘Breathe Easy’ pro-police t-shirts

Jason Barthel of South Bend IN is selling a pro-police shirt that reads, “Breathe Easy – Don’t Break the Law.”

I’m actually pro-police and I’m glad that my taxes go to pay their salaries. But I think that the side that wants to rein in police abuse needs more support nowadays than the law-and-order side.

Particularly interesting is what Barthel posted on his Facebook page:

For those upset, please understand when we use the slogan ‘Breathe Easy’ we are referring to knowing the police are there for you! We are one people, one nation regardless of race, religion, creed or gender. We are all in this together. The police are here to protect and serve. 99.9% of us have the greater good in our hearts each time we strap on our uniforms and duty belts. We are all one people and this is by no means is a slam on Eric Garner or his family, God rest his soul. Lets all band together as AMERICANS regardless of our feelings and know we can and will be better!

‘Breathe Easy’: Cop protests Notre Dame demonstration with pro-police shirts.

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