Another self-righteous asshole rants against people he fears. And his name is Sam Harris.

Sam Harris has a Ph.D. from UCLA and somehow thinks that entitles him to tell other people how to live their lives. His latest blathering includes:

“There are people who have really been terrorized by their parents, and people who terrorize their kids with a fear of hell, for instance. I hear from people who their entire life — they’re in their 40s and they’re only now just coming out of the prison of having spent their entire lives being afraid of being tortured (for) an eternity by Satan. This is in the 21st century, in the United States.”

Harris is one of those zealots who can’t stop themselves from evangelizing. In his case it’s against religion, but the zealots on both sides all pretty much sound alike.

Yet Harris is worse. He pretends to be a scientist, then assembles a couple anecdotes and thinks that he has proven a law of nature.

Hey, Harris: Bite me!

Atheist Sam Harris rips the head of the National Institute of Health for pushing religious ‘bullsh*t’.

4 thoughts on “Another self-righteous asshole rants against people he fears. And his name is Sam Harris.

  1. “Questor” wrote this on Usenet, in response to a discussion of some anti-vaccine idiot’s statement that ‘science is a gimmick’:

    ‘Science *is* a gimmick. It is, within its domain, an effective gimmick. At
    times it can be useful. And over the past few hundred years or so, science
    has increasingly become the basis of a shared hallucination that is called
    reality. Or perhaps more accurately, science is but one particular point
    of view for perceiving “reality.”

    ‘One of things I find so amusing about people who decry religious beliefs is
    their blindness to the fact that science and rationality are also systems
    of belief that are predicated on unprovable axioms that must be accepted
    on faith. There’s no proving that one set of axioms is right or wrong —
    they’re just different starting points, different points of view for perceiving
    “reality.” I don’t see much difference between rationalists and religious
    people; they just pledge their devotion at different alters.

    ‘Believers in science rarely acknowledge its limitations. There are wide
    swaths of human existence — perhaps even the largest portion — that
    science and rationality cannot address in any effective manner.’

    You can only guess at how much abuse was hurled toward Questor for having the temerity to post that.

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