Beware the gentry: they don’t like your music!

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in West Oakland received a cease-and-desist letter from the city threatening them with $500 a day in fines plus a $3,500 nuisance fee, CBS San Francisco reports. Church members believe the sudden complaints about the choir are due to the fact the area is becoming gentrified.

When the rich techies move in, you’d better abide by their standards. One local Yuppie commented:

I paid good money for a 3000 square foot house in an underdeveloped neighborhood. All I’m trying to do is improve the community by getting the riffraff out. Hell, if they’re not making in the mid-six figures, they have no business being here anyway. Besides, after I put in a 70-hour week at the office, I’m entitled to party hearty on Saturday night. Then, on Sunday morning, I usually wake up with a massive hangover and have to put up with these idiots and their awful “gospel” music. If they won’t keep it down, we’ll get City Hall to chase them the fuck out of here.

Source: Singing while black: Oakland choir threatened with ‘nuisance’ fines after tech workers enter neighborhood

2 thoughts on “Beware the gentry: they don’t like your music!

  1. The rich techies are fighting mad and they won’t take it anymore!

    Edited (2-21-2016) to include the name of the “tech bro” Justin Keller, who gained widespread notoriety when he published an open letter to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and police chief Greg Suhr bemoaning the presence of homeless “riff raff” who he and other wealthy people had to endure while commuting to work.

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