Secret revealed: How to run over a pedestrian in New York City without getting arrested.

Elle’s Law [under which drivers can lose their licenses for six months to a year for failing to yield and injuring pedestrians] has not been enforced at all since it was passed unanimously by both houses of the New York legislature and signed by the governor in 2010. In New York City this is specifically due to NYPD policy that an officer has to actually witness a reckless driver hitting a pedestrian in order to charge the driver under Elle’s Law. This was never part of the law, it has arbitrarily become department policy under leadership of the NYPD.

Yup, under Mayor De Blasio, if the cop is looking away when you run someone over, you can get away with it. Woo hoo!

If you want to kill someone in New York City and get away with it, the weapon of choice should be a vehicle. It’s the perfect crime. Fewer than 7 percent of the drivers in fatal crashes that kill pedestrians are ticketed and only a tiny fraction, usually only those driving drunk, face any criminal charges.

Source: A Tragic Traffic Pattern | Manhattan, New York, NY | Local News and this item from the West Side Spirit. And the previous item at Biteme.

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