Melissa Mark-Viverito: Dumber than toast

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito vowed to create a citywide bail fund.

Because she thinks some people are being held on bail that’s too high, the Speaker of the New York City Council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, wants city taxpayers to pay their bail. That’s right, if her whack-a-doodle plan passes, some defendants will be able to skip bail without consequences.

Hey, Madam Speaker, bite me!

Source: Melissa Mark-Viverito will create city bail fund – NY Daily News

One thought on “Melissa Mark-Viverito: Dumber than toast

  1. “But in New York, unlike most states, efforts to fully do away with bail are complicated by state law, which requires judges to consider defendants’ risk of flight, not their risk of reoffending, when determining bail conditions.”

    Ummm . . . isn’t bail _supposed_ to assure that the defendant appears for their court date?

    Further, it’s going to end up like the mortgage crash:
    1. Home ownership is good
    2. Default rates are low
    3. Let’s make sure _everybody_ can own a home

    In housing, it was a false extrapolation and the Bitemaster foresees it happening with bail, too.

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