Making Harlem safe for the yuppies

“When Ruthann Richert heard that a wine and liquor store was coming to Lenox Avenue and 119th Street, in the Mount Morris Park historic district where she has lived for 25 years, she had visions of wine tastings with her neighbors.

“Instead, her jaw dropped when she saw workers installing walls of bulletproof plexiglass behind which the sales people and all the alcohol would be encased. And then came the large red neon “Wine & Liquor” sign with a shiny metal back plate and a giant yellow and red vertical ‘Liquor’ sign.”

Good news: The owner of the liquor store gave in to community complaints that the facade reminded them of the “ghetto” and removed the bulletproof glass.

Bad news: The place was broken into twice in the same week by a group of thieves who made off with cash and alcohol.

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