Losing Supreme Court justices go on the warpath against Roberts

It seems that Chief Justice Roberts changed his mind on the Affordable Care Act, and that justices in the minority retaliated by leaking to the media.

According to Felix Salmon at Reuters, “. . . it seems very much as though the more partisan Republicans within the Supreme Court have in this case behaved more like politicians than like jurists. . . .”

In spite the the Supreme Court’s tradition of secrecy, “. . . we’re now seeing these coordinated and perfectly-timed leaks from within the Court, detailing information known only to the justices themselves. The conservative justices are leaking, and although [CBS News reporter Jan] Crawford talks about ‘law clerks, chambers’ aides and secretaries’ who have been gossiping internally about Roberts’s change of mind, it’s pretty clear that her sources were impeccable and that if they weren’t the conservative justices themselves, they were sources who had the explicit consent of those justices to start talking to the press.”

Supreme Court justices telling tales out of school? Eeeew.

When the Supreme Court leaks | Felix Salmon.

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