Law Prof Calls Justice Scalia an ‘Intolerable Blowhard’

Writing about the recent Arizona v. United States Supreme Court decision, University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos says: “Scalia, who 25 years ago had a certain gift for pointing out the blindness and hypocrisy of certain versions of limousine liberalism, has in his old age become an increasingly intolerant and intolerable blowhard: a pompous celebrant of his own virtue and rectitude, a purveyor of intemperate jeremiads against the degeneracy of the age, and now an author of hysterical diatribes against foreign invaders, who threaten all that is holy. . . . Scalia seems headed down the path previously trod by those justices who clearly didn’t know when to hang up their robes.”

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also weighed in: “After twenty-five years on the Court, Scalia has earned a reputation for engaging in splenetic hyperbole—but he outdid himself this time.”

Scalia Dissent Hits Obama Immigration Policy; Law Prof Calls Justice an ‘Intolerable Blowhard’ – News – ABA Journal.

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