I think this means that Verizon is going to screw us even better

I just read this really interesting article that I only partially understand. I think the point is that Verizon is killing off conventional phone service, DSL, and FiOS in favor of the more profitable LTE technology, which provides cellular service to both mobile phones and fixed locations like homes and offices.

It’s not good news, since we’re going to be squeezed on the other side by the combination of Comcast and Time Warner.

I can’t wait to learn how my user experience will be enhanced.

Op-ed: Verizon willfully driving DSL users into the arms of cable | Ars Technica.

2 thoughts on “I think this means that Verizon is going to screw us even better

  1. This just in:

    Verizon customers in East Harlem who have been without telephone service since early February say the mega-company is trying to force them to dump their outdated traditional copper-cable landlines for the new fiber-optic lines and fancy features.

    “They said, ‘You must take FiOS in order to get your phone back,’” said Sylvia Velazquez, 74, whose landline has been down for 42 days. “That’s unfair. We shouldn’t be pressured into taking it.”


  2. More BS from Version


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