De Blasio wants NYCHA to evict criminals more quickly

A Mayor de Blasio spokeswoman told The News the mayor has ordered a overhaul to make it easier to evict criminal NYCHA tenants.

The policy of evicting criminals from New York City Housing Administration projects has been in place for years. But the City does more than just evict the criminal — they evict the family.

Which actually makes sense. If sonny-boy is dealing crack from his bedroom and he gets evicted, his mother will likely to let him back in. The only solution is to evict all the tenants of the apartment.

But here’s the rub: the evictees have to move somewhere. Maybe they’ll move into your subway station, into Central Park or perhaps they’ll squat in that empty building across the street from your condo.

It’s a real problem and De Blasio apparently hasn’t thought it through.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: De Blasio wants NYCHA criminal evictions quicker – NY Daily News

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