At Catholic Mercy General Hospital: No contraceptives but lots of sexy sexy

Cardiac sugeon’s assistant Ani Chopourian claims she was continuously sexually harassed at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento.

Chopourian complained to human resources at least 18 times. She was “slapped on the backside and grabbed repeatedly, sometimes in front of supervisors. When I said, ‘Do something,’ they would laugh.” Chopourian eventually documented the abuse and mailed the complaint to HR. A week later, she was fired.

A jury awarded her $168 million in compensation. Why so high? During the three-week trial, witness after witness depicted a culture of vulgarity and arrogance that they said humiliated female employees and put patients at risk.

No contraception for employees and no abortions at Mercy General, which is run by seven religious orders. But you can get all the sexual harassment you want. And for that, they can Bite Me.

Former Physician’s Assistant Awarded Record $168 Million In Lawsuit – Careers Articles.

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