D.A. (“Dumb Ass”) Cyrus Vance bows to the mighty Biteme.ME

Following a blistering series of blog posts here at Biteme.ME, New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., has capitulated and agreed to stop taking campaign contributions from attorneys who have cases before him.

When reached for comment, Jerome Biteman, Executive Editor at Biteme Worldwide Media Holdings, said, “It’s about fucking time.”

See the ABA Journal article.

D.A. (“Dumb Ass”) Cyrus Vance Didn’t Prosecute Harvey Weinstein

In justifying his decision to let the movie mogul walk, the New York DA conflated two sex statutes.

According to media reports, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance had the goods on sleazy Harvey Weinstein (NOT Harvey Fierstein) since 2015, but chose not to prosecute.

We know that a $10,000 campaign donation from a Weinstein lawyer didn’t influence Vance because

  1. Vance told us so, and
  2. Vance is immune to such blandishments, like the time he received $25,000 from a Trump lawyer before dropping an investigation into Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr.

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Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. frees white gunman

Vladimir Gotlibovsky shot a woman at a Waldorf-Astoria wedding in New York, handed the weapon to his brother, Felix Gotlibovsky, who passed the 9mm Ruger to his wife.

In all, five people were hit: the shooting victim and four who were hit by shrapnel or ricochet debris.

No one is being charged in the incident. Apparently, Gotlibovsky has a permit to carry a gun and shoot people at weddings. Further, it seems that the permit also covers those who subsequently try to hide the weapon.

When asked, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. denied through a spokesman that Gotlibovsky’s pasty white skin had anything to do with his being set free.

Source: Man not charged after Waldorf Astoria shooting

Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance Jr abuses bail process in “soccer mom madam” case

“Socceer mom Madam” Anna Gristina’s lawyer, Norman Pattis “said that the Manhattan district attorney’s office abused the bail system by offering to release her without bail, if she cooperated with their investigation. ‘We have bond being used as a tool to interrogate,’ he said. ‘If you cooperate, you get to go home, if not, sit tight.'”

Bail is a right. It’s supposed to guarantee a suspect’s appearance at trial, not be used as a tool to cause a suspect to relinquish his or her fifth amendment rights. This is outrageous and Vance can Bite Me.

via Soccer Mom Madam may slip bondage as appeals court rips $2 million bail – NY Daily News.