Slave Owner University honors the late Antonin Scalia

The school announced that it would name their school the Antonin Scalia School of Law, abbreviated ASS Law and ASSoL.

George Mason University, named after notorious Virginia slave owner George Mason, is honoring Antonin Scalia by naming their law school in his memory.

Did the University do this out of their high regard for the late Supreme Court Justice? Nah. The Charles Koch Foundation and another donor ponied up $30 million, in return for which the University agreed to change their law school’s name. What I want to know is how much we’d have to pay GMU to get them to change the name to The Bite Me School of Law?

Source: Scalia law school switches name after acronym becomes joke

You can read the Dean’s letter about the name, the funding, etc.

Scalia murdered by Hollywood Star Whackers

Having quietly disposed of Philip Seymour Hoffman and David Carradine, the Star Whackers have taken out Justice Antonin Scalia, presumably on orders from President Obama and Cheryl Boone Isaacs. Their next victim is expected to be Clarence Thomas, though a hit on J. J. Abrams would be cheered by all discerning Star Wars fans.

Source: Conspiracy kooks shift into overdrive after learning Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow over head

Scalia Forms Search Committee for New Pope

According to the New Yorker magazine, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said today that he was forming an “independent search committee” to select a new Pope.

I’m sorry it had to come to this. The Pope said he doesn’t want to speak out against abortion and gay marriage. Well, sorry, my friend, but that’s the entire job description. You should have thought of that before you let them blow that white smoke in Rome.

Source: Scalia Forms Search Committee for New Pope – The New Yorker

Scalia speaks out of both sides of his mouth

The other day, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia questioned whether the 98 senators and 390 representatives who voted to renew the Voting Rights Act in 2006 were maybe influenced by crass political considerations (“This is not the kind of question you can leave to Congress.”).

But when it came to the Defense of Marriage Act, Scalia thinks that it’s not within the purview of the Supreme Court and they should defer to Congress (“[W]e have no power under the Constitution to invalidate this democratically adopted legislation.”).

Scalia is a puddle of pus. And he can BITE ME.

Scalia Slams ‘Legalistic Argle-Bargle,’ Re-Argues ‘Homosexual Sodomy’ In Dissenting DOMA Rant.

cf: Forbes

Judicial restraint my ass

During oral argument in Shelby County v. Holder, Justice Antonin Scalia suggested that the continuation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act represented the “perpetuation of racial entitlement,” saying that lawmakers had only voted to renew the act in 2006 because there wasn’t anything to be gained politically from voting against it.

“Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements” said Scalia, “it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.”

That’s judicial activism, designed to interfere with the political process — and Scalia can Bite Me.

via Voting Rights Act Supreme Court Case: Scalia Condemns The ‘Perpetuation Of Racial Entitlement’ (UPDATE).

AJOTSCOTUS Scalia can Bite Me

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia thinks the State of the Union is a “childish spectacle.” I mean, if it was so important, the Founders would have put it in the Constitution, right? [quoting from Above the Law]

via Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law School, Law Suits, Judges and Courts.

and Scalia: State of the Union a ‘childish spectacle’ at:

Law Prof Calls Justice Scalia an ‘Intolerable Blowhard’

Writing about the recent Arizona v. United States Supreme Court decision, University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos says: “Scalia, who 25 years ago had a certain gift for pointing out the blindness and hypocrisy of certain versions of limousine liberalism, has in his old age become an increasingly intolerant and intolerable blowhard: a pompous celebrant of his own virtue and rectitude, a purveyor of intemperate jeremiads against the degeneracy of the age, and now an author of hysterical diatribes against foreign invaders, who threaten all that is holy. . . . Scalia seems headed down the path previously trod by those justices who clearly didn’t know when to hang up their robes.”

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also weighed in: “After twenty-five years on the Court, Scalia has earned a reputation for engaging in splenetic hyperbole—but he outdid himself this time.”

Scalia Dissent Hits Obama Immigration Policy; Law Prof Calls Justice an ‘Intolerable Blowhard’ – News – ABA Journal.

Justice Scalia Goes to Wesleyan, Purveys Same Old Originalist Crap

‘Justice Scalia maintained, consistent with his originalist philosophy, that ‘the freedom of speech, or of the press’ must be construed in light of how these terms were understood in 1791, when the First Amendment was adopted. He noted the presence of the definite article — ‘the freedom of speech,’ not plain old ‘freedom of speech’ — and argued that the Amendment should be understood as protecting the free-speech rights enjoyed by Englishmen at the time.”

BiteMe’s resident constitutional scholar, H. O. Hell, BS, MS, PhD, agrees with Scalia on this, arguing that the Second Amendment’s protection of  the right to bear arms refers to the arms known to the Englishmen of 1791 — namely muzzle-loading muskets.

via Justice Scalia Goes to Wesleyan « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law School, Law Suits, Judges and Courts.