How am I doing? — de Blasio edition

The Bitemaster winters in the breathtakingly beautiful Transbaikal where it’s so cold that the politicians keep their hands in the own pockets, where we have to light a fire to thaw out our words just to know what we’re saying, where we measure the ambient temperature in degrees Rankine because it feels warmer (today, it’s 450 degrees Rankine outside).

Though we’re a bit isolated, we do manage to keep up with the news from North America on our short wave radio, thanks to late-night “skip” propagation.

One figure who’s been in the news a lot lately is New York City mayor Bill de Blasio. He’s now in his second term. and here’s how we think he’s been doing:

  • Affordable Housing — this was always a scam. It wasn’t going to happen and it will never happen, unless we repeal the fundamental laws of economics. And de Blasio is smart enough to know he was lying when he made his campaign promises.
  • New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) — NYCHA houses 400,000 people in 300 developments. The housing stock is aging, and the money from the state and federal governments is drying up. It’s not going to get any better in the near future no matter what de Blasio does.
  • Rikers Island — the Rikers Island jail has an average population of 10,000 inmates. Current plans call for the jail to be closed and the inmates to be housed “in the community.” The idea of closing Rikers is a complete scam. Nobody wants a bunch of prisoners moved from an isolated island to their block. Even if it were to happen, what will they do with the island? It will probably go to Trump for $1.
  • Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) — If ACS takes too many children away from their parents, there’s a hue-and-cry in the media. If they let too many die at home with their parents, there’s also a hue-and-cry. It’s a perpetual “can’t win” and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, either.
  • Education — every administration claims to have “fixed” the city’s education system but none has succeeded. The problem is not money — the city spends plenty. The problem is that the city has no coherent education policy. Biteme has attempted to fill the void here and elsewhere on this blog.
  • Police — the citizens want to be safe on the streets but don’t want to be harassed (or worse) by the police. It’s a difficult balancing act and I’m not sure any other city has done better.

So how does de Blasio’s report card look? We grade on a pass-fail system and give him a “pass.”

Idiot Police Commissioner Bratton does it again: decries ‘epidemic’ of citizens recording arrests

The whole point of recording the police is to prevent the LEE (law enforcement establishment) from spinning police misconduct as the fault of the victim.

Some police encounters involve civilians breaking the law, attacking police, or resisting arrest. Biteme has no sympathy for them.

But some encounters involve law enforcement officers shooting unarmed civilians, stopping them because of their race, or beating people who are already in handcuffs.

I say: record them all. Then we’ll bust the bad guys, reward the good guys and stop the coverups.

As for the police having the elbow room to safely do their job, the Bitemaster proposed last year that we make it illegal for citizens to come within 25 feet of the cops they’re recording.

It’s a law that Bratton has so far declined to support.

Source: NYPD’s Bratton decries ‘epidemic’ of citizens recording arrests

Cleveland sues Tamir Rice’s family for his ambulance bill

The city of Cleveland, whose cops shot and killed Tamir Rice over a toy gun, has billed the family for emergency medical services.

The Bitemaster expects Cleveland to bill the Rice family for the bullets that killed Tamir, as soon as they can calculate the cost.

Source: Cleveland sues Tamir Rice’s family for his ambulance bill

NYPD Cop Charged With Splashing Semen on Woman He Wanted to Date

New York City police Sergeant Michael Iscenko is accused of splashing semen on a female co-worker he had a crush on, hoping it would win her over.

In response to media reports of the incident, a neighborhood 13-year-old boy commented, “I’ve done lots of inappropriate things in the hope of scoring with some chick, but this was just totally gross. Ick!”

Source: NYPD Cop Charged With Splashing Semen on Woman He Wanted to Date – PINAC