“We remind you that Russia, throughout all of its history, has never attacked anyone.” — Dmitry Peskov, Russian Presidential spokesperson

Peskov went on to explain:

The capitalist running dogs of the Fake News Media continue to slander Fearless Leader by asserting we have bellicose motives whatsoever. Russian people only want peace for themselves and their neighbors. Sometimes our neighbors request help maintain tranquility, so we help. Is same spirit as Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance.

Source: About Those Kremlin Claims of ‘Never Attacking’ Ukraine

To learn more about the Russian plans for global harmony, read Основы геополитики (геополитическое будущее России) by Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин. The only English edition was machine translated and is available on GitBook.

In move to seize control of NYC government from Mayor De Blasio, Cuomo sends in the State Police

The move is seen as the latest skirmish in his feud with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In an announcement from his NYC bunker, Governor Andrew Cuomo said today that “the peace-loving people of New York City have asked the state government to bring order and stability to their city. In response, I have directed the State Police to come to the aid of all loyal segments of the City population. As the first stage of the mission, I am pulling investigators from various state and federal task forces and dispatching them to secure the City’s transit hubs, media offices and government buildings. Once we install officials devoted to the City’s best interests, a People’s Tribunal will be convened to bring justice to the enemies of the People.”

Source: Cuomo Orders More State Police Into NYC to Boost His Presence Here: Sources