The Bitemaster talks about patriotism

The Bitemaster stands for the National Anthem, but supports those who kneel in protest against police brutality and racial injustice.

The Bitemaster despises the swifboating of John Kerry. It was one of the most dishonorable actions of George W. Bush’s presidential campaign.

The Bitemaster despises Donald Trump’s insults of Gold Star Mother Ghazala Khan.

The Bitemaster salutes our service members even when he disagrees with their politics. And that goes double for John McCain. Unlike Captain Bone Spur, McCain earned the right to to spout off on any damn thing he wants — even when I think he’s wrong.

I’m no showy patriot, but I have nothing against pledging allegiance to the American flag. But the flag lapel pin has become a symbol of fake patriotism, proudly worn by those who would destroy the Constitution and betray the US to Russia.

And the American right-wing is full of “sovereign citizens,” tax protesters, secessionists like Todd Palin, and other anti-American types.

Which brings me to standing for “God Bless America,” which is now played at American baseball stadia. Should one stand for it? It’s just a song, not the National Anthem. So I asked one of the most decent men I know, himself a veteran of Vietnam. He said he stands in honor of his friends who died there. Good enough for me. Next time, I stand.


God help us: It’s Sarah Palin who stands between us and Trump’s Crony Capitalism

Former Republican vice presidential nominee and supporter of Donald Trump Sarah Palin criticized the president-elect’s deal to subsidise Indiana-based air conditioning company Carrier to keep jobs in that state, warning that such a move could lead to “crony capitalism.”

Source: Sarah Palin Doesn’t Endorse Trump’s Carrier $7M Incentive Deal; Warns of ‘Crony Capitalism’

Ahmed the Clockmaker

In the midst of a social media backlash joined by the likes of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, police announced Wednesday that the teen’s arrest on Monday resulted from a “naive accident” that doesn’t warrant prosecution.

Young Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade electronic clock to school. Teachers thought it could be a bomb, police were called, kid was hauled off in handcuffs.

  1. In a world of “If you see something, say something,” I think the school did the right thing by calling the cops.
  2. If the cops didn’t call in the bomb squad — and as far as I can tell, they didn’t — then they didn’t think it was really a bomb. And if they didn’t think it was really a bomb, there was no reason to arrest the kid.
  3. As for the handcuffs, if the local police use them on white students, then they’re ok to use on Ahmed.
  4. Lastly, Obama has invited the kid to the White House and both Bristol and Sarah Palin have weighed in against. Who cares?

Source: Ahmed Mohamed swept up, ‘hoax bomb’ charges swept away as Irving teen’s story floods social media | Dallas Morning News

Hello from BiteMe Central

For months I’d been thinking of starting a blog to complain about all the stupid things people do and say, but I never got around to it . . . until I saw this article where the amazingly stupid Sarah Palin criticized the Obamas’ Christmas card for not emphasizing the traditional Christmas values of “family, faith and freedom.” If she had complained about the absence of Jesus, well OK. Even though Obama is president of the whole country, not just the Christians. But the lack of “freedom” in a Christmas card? BITE ME!