De Blasio assigns 6 cops per nipple

The NYPD is setting up a special task force to watch nipples in Times Square. Media reports say that the task force will consist of about 100 police officers. With about 8 women strutting their stuff in the square (because of all the media coverage, there may be more now), that comes to about six officers per nipple.

Source: NYPD Creates New Unit to Patrol Times Square | Z100

Coverup! Cuomo sends State Police to Times Square to stop bare nipples

In a naked attempt to show up Mayor de Blasio, NYS Governor Andrew “Whackadoodle” Cuomo sent the state cops to Times Square to prevent women from exposing their nipples.

You can commit any crime you want in the city without Cuomo batting an eyelash, but if you show off your nips (it’s legal, by the way), Cuomo will call out the cavalry.

Source: NYS police attempt to crackdown on naked painted ladies