Whither goest the Mueller probe?

MrMild has cautioned me against making predictions: “What’s the point?” he says. “They’ll either come true or they won’t.”

Nevertheless, here I go . . .

Mueller has already crossed Donald Trump’s “red line” by delving into the family finances, but has yet to target Trump himself or members of Trump’s family. What I see happening is that Mueller is drawing the noose tighter around Trump. Mueller has already seen Manafort convicted, Cohen pleading guilty, Pecker and Weisselberg getting immunity deals.

What’s next? Well, here comes the prediction: Mueller will further tighten the noose by flipping the rest of Trump’s executives. Mueller knows who they are, but for those keeping score at home, here’s a handy list. And another. Then there are the campaign staffers, and the inaugural committee.

Two final predictions (because I cannot help myself): Trump gets impeached, and ends up in Moscow where Putin gives him asylum.

Quote of the Day: Michael R. Caputo


Michael R. Caputo, Republican political consultant and friend of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, on what it’s like to be grilled by Mueller’s team of attorneys:

“They weren’t pulling any punches, I don’t think I’m going to be friending them on Facebook any time soon.”

Source: ‘It’s all about collusion’: Former Trump adviser details interview with special counsel’s team – ABC News

The Bitemaster reveals Trump’s future

As everyone knows, the Bitemaster rarely engages in prognostication but, just this once, he’s going to reveal what Special Counsel Robert Mueller has in store for Donald Trump:

A RICO indictment.

At least in the Eighth Circuit*, a proper RICO claim must allege the following four elements:

  1. conduct
  2. of an enterprise
  3. through a pattern
  4. of racketeering activity.

How does Trump qualify under RICO?

  1. conduct — this requirement is met when the defendants carry out the directions of the enterprise, or direct the enterprise themselves.
  2. of an enterprise — I’m less sure about this one, but the Trump Organization might qualify
  3. through a pattern — Oh, Lordy, is there a pattern!
  4. of racketeering activity — many different crimes qualify for this, such as obstruction of justice.


* Different circuits have slightly different rules on this, but the Eighth Circuit was the easiest to find in a quick Web search.