Susan G. Komen board chairman gone, plus a bunch of other execs

The pain at Susan G. Komen ain’t over yet. Board chair LaSalle D. Leffall is leaving. Executives in New York, Oregon and Texas are either gone or going soon. Fundraising is down and events are being cut back. But there is good news: Karen Handel, former senior VP for Public Policy, can now help Komen return to its core mission of shutting down Planned Parenthood.

PS: Handel can BITE ME.

Komen board chairman steps down, citing Howard University duties – The Washington Post.

Susan G. Komen still desperately trying to undo their self-inflicted damage

When a corporation has a crisis, they can try to get out in front of it like Johnson & Johnson did in 1982, when they recalled all the Tylenol on the shelves and instituted new product packaging.

Bad news is that there’s nothing Komen can do now: once you’ve politicized your brand, there’s no going back. Imagine Coca Cola saying “we’re against school prayer.” Half the country will hate them. But, if they back away from that position, the other half will hate them.

Susan G. Komen hopes that famed pollsters Penn and Schoen can help them out of this one. But it’s too late and Komen can Bite me.

Susan G. Komen Hires Consulting Firm To Assess Damage To Reputation.

Woman who destroyed Komen Foundation says it’s all Planned Parenthood’s fault

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Karen Handel, former Komen senior VP for public policy, says it’s Planned Parenthood’s fault that Komen’s name is ruined. In fact, it was Handel who orchestrated the defunding of PP. Now that there’s been a vast public blowback over that bizarre move, she blames the victim. Well, Handel can Bite Me.