In response to BITEME criticism, NY Gov. Cuomo backs down on email deletion policy

Hurrah for Cuomo who is now open to changing the “delete it before anyone can FOIL it” policy of getting rid of official NY state government emails before they can cause any trouble.

This was fueled by the mocking he received at Next came a policy change at the offices of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The last straw for Cuomo was, no doubt, a desire to not get swept up in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Considers Changing Email Deletion Policy.

When you lose an email, call the NSA!

As someone on Slashdot said, since the NSA intercepts and stores our e-mails forever, why not use it as a backup service? It just lacks the API to restore files, therefore this guy called the NSA to ask for a backup restoration. Guess what? It did not work.

After all, why should we have to pay twice for services already performed with tax dollars?