Biteme Exclusive: Andrew Cuomo running for Mayor of NYC!

It’s been rumored for months, but now Biteme can exclusively report that our sources have confirmed that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is running against NYC Mayor de Blasio this year.

Cuomo has named the campaign organization Fix NYC. A campaign manager has not yet been named, but knowledgeable insiders expect it to be Joe Percoco, if his trial ends in an acquittal. The campaign slogan will be “Vote for Cuomo not the homo..”

Cumo’s key strategy will be to starve the MTA and NYCHA of funds, then blame de Blasio for their failures. The campaign plans to run advertising touting the governor’s many successes, such as preventing radioactive leaks at Indian Point, posturing about safety at homeless shelters, sending state troopers into the City to make it safe for the Peace Loving residents there, ending the scandal of nipples in Times Square, and putting an end to corruption in Albany.

Catholic League President celebrates defeat of Child Victims Act

In a vitriolic message emailed to his supporters, Catholic League President Bill Donohue celebrated the defeat of the Child Victims Act that would have made it easier for kid sex abuse victims to seek justice. He blasted the legislation as ”a vindictive bill pushed by lawyers and activists out to rape the Catholic Church.”

There are reasonable arguments to be made both in favor and against extending the statute of limitations in such cases, but Donohue can bite me.

Source: Catholic League President celebrates defeat of Child Victims Act – NY Daily News