Trump selects voter fraud expert to assist in investigation

Gregg Phillips, President Donald Trump’s main source for investigating alleged voter fraud in the past election is registered to vote in three different states.

There have been claims that many Trump appointees are unqualified. But not Gregg Phillips. Phillips, the source of Trump’s claim that three million people illegally voted in the November election, knows what he’s talking about. He’s registered in no less than three states.

Source: Trump’s Texas Voter Fraud ‘Expert’ Registered to Vote in Three States

Sean “Alternative Facts” Spicer announces four new “softball seats” in White House press room

Branching out beyond the traditional press core [sic!!], the White House is extending video conferencing access via Skype to reporters that simply don’t have the resources to fly to Washington D.C. for briefings.

Trump routinely packs his events with shills to cheer and applaud him. The effect is to both affect the public perception of his popularity and bolster his sagging morale.

Now he is taking the tactic to the White House briefing room: handpicked supporters will be able to use Skype to toss softball questions to embattled Press Secretary Spicer.

If I were Spicer, I wouldn’t wait another minute. Poor guy needs all the help he can get.

Source: White House adds press room ‘Skype’ seats for remote reporters | Digital Trends