Bannon now in charge of national security, chaos erupts, followed closely by alternative facts

President Donald Trump added his top adviser and strategist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council while removing the Director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as he signed a trio of executive measures on Saturday.

Actually, having Bannon in charge is something of an improvement, as otherwise it would have seemed that no one was in charge.

The first thing Bannon did was issue an executive order halting Muslims at the border, so they could undergo some extreme vetting. It took quite a few hours to implement, since Bannon forgot to notify any of the agencies that were supposed to actually do the vetting. In the aftermath, Bannon said he had “told everyone who actually needed to know” which apparently didn’t include the TSA, border patrol, ICE, and so forth.

Next, Bannon hit the Sunday news programs claiming that it was all Obama’s fault. When that didn’t get any traction (i.e., no one believed him), he told Trump that the airport chaos was due to a systems problem with Delta’s computers. Next, Bannon claimed that the “corrupt media” was to blame. Nice try. Our Boston correspondent has inside information that, in reality, the Muslim ban and ensuing chaos is actually the fault of Obamacare.

President Trump, who is no longer permitted to attend national security briefings, decided to put a brave face on and announce that the Muslim ban is a “brilliant success.”

Source: Bannon gets seat at table as Trump reshuffles National Security Council

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Hurting Breitbart is an attractive idea, I suppose. But Breitbart is scheduled to be replaced by the White House Press Secretary anyway, so why bother.

Source: Gamergate Showed How to Kneecap a Website. Now This Group Is Trying to Do the Same to Breitbart.