Potential Trump cabinet pick defends posting fake news stories: “How come you all don’t complain about BiteMe?”

One of the Texas pol’s posts falsely claimed the FBI had discovered an Islamic terrorist training camp outside of Houston.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who is being touted as one of President-elect Donald Trump’s possible picks for U.S. agriculture secretary, has built up quite a habit for posting unsupported and blatantly fabricated stories on his campaign’s Facebook page.

“Hundred and fifty posts a week. No, I’m not going to research every one of them,” he told a host for Austin-based radio station KUT News. “If it’s thought provoking, I’ll put it up there and let the readers decide. Everyone that reads that is grown-ups.

“I’m just doing what BiteMe does. The difference is that I have over 300,000 followers and they have maybe three.”

Source: Potential Trump cabinet pick defends posting fake news stories – NY Daily News

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