NYC threatens to arrest people whose homes were destroyed by Sandy

According to, the NYC Department of Buildings has slapped violations on homeowners of condemned homes in Breezy Point that were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. One violation cited “failure to maintain” the building, and the ticket’s wording threatened “criminal prosecution” if the problem was not “immediately corrected.”

Which brings us to Mayor Bloomberg. Here’s our rating of his Sandy performance:

The Good: Bloomberg endorsed Obama because hizzoner saw that the President is better than Romney on global warming; and Bloomberg kept New Yorkers well informed about evacuation, transit, electric, emergency shelters, etc.

The Bad: He didn’t act quickly to get food and medicine to residents of the most hard-hit areas of the city. He declined to ask for National Guard help to prevent looting.

The Ugly: The mayor wants to rebuild the homes and businesses in the flooded neighborhoods. That’s a terrible idea — those places are just going to get flooded again and we’re going to have to pay to rebuild them time and time again.

Breezy Point Homeowners Hit With Buildings Violations For Sandy Damage – On the Inside – New York.

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