Noted atheist reveals his secret religious side

Richard Dawkins has had his “come to Jesus” moment. In an interview with Internet content provider Television Four, Dawkins admitted:

“Science requires a suspension of common sense,” he concluded, “because it’s very far from common sense.”

Since atheists often say that faith is the suspension of common sense, it’s clear that Dawkins truly understands the difficulty of differentiating science from religion.

via Richard Dawkins: Science has evolved faster than human mind’s ability to understand it.

One thought on “Noted atheist reveals his secret religious side

  1. Prof. Hell has a different take. The good professor says that Dawkins may actually understand more science than the rest of us, but he’s incapable of transmitting that knowledge to anyone else and therefore the knowledge is worthless because it’s doomed to die with him — making it ultimately irrelevant. Dawkins can see out of Plato’s cave, but he’s trapped in a hell of knowing that no one else will ever know what he saw.

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