It’s great to be white and rich in LA!

Conrad Hughes Hilton III (b. March 3, 1994), great grandson of the hospitality mogul, was flying to LA from London last July when he went totally off the rails. According to media reports, Hilton

  • threatened to kill several flight attendants and a co-pilot and get them fired
  • refused to turn off his cell phone
  • refused to keep his seat belt fastened
  • began pacing the aisle as the aircraft took off
  • launched into a series of tirades that had some children in tears
  • called other passengers “peasants”
  • smoked marijuana in the toilet

His attorney, Robert Shapiro, has negotiated the charges down from a felony rap to a misdemeanor with the prosecutor recommending probation.

If it were you or I, we would have probably been subjected to extraordinary rendition to some place like Yemen for “enhanced interrogation.”

Ain’t life grand!

Paris Hilton brother Conrad to plead guilty to plane assault – Yahoo News.

See also Salon, Inquisitr, and the Daily Mail. Read the plea deal for yourself!

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