Bronx High School Students Go Entire Semester With No Math or English

At the Bronx High School for Medical Science, some juniors will go without any math or English courses for a semester or two and have to make up those credits later.

Students have gone to the principal to beg for English and math classes. One even asked his wrestling coach, who teaches math and science at another school, if the coach could teach him trigonometry.

A current staff member said, “we don’t have a teacher for everything,” but insisted the students would get math and possibly English next semester.

Megan Hester of the prestigious Annenberg Institute for School Reform, said the school may have been forced to make a “devil’s bargain” between funding their popular honors program and providing basic courses to non-honors students.

She noted that an Annenberg analysis shows that only 1 in 10 high school graduates in the Claremont neighborhood where Medical Science is located meet the state’s college-readiness benchmarks.

Marge Feinberg, speaking for Mayor Bloomberg’s Department of Education, said “The budget and human resource allocation for the school does not reflect a shortfall,” and the allocations are “adequate to meet the needs of students.”

Just pathetic. It will take decades to repair the damage that Bloomberg has done to the city’s public school system.

Bronx High School Students Go Entire Semester With No Math or English – New York.

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