Marine learns what “Commander-in-Chief” means

In 2010, Marine Sergeant Gary Stein took to Facebook to voice his displeasure with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The ACLU wrote to his commanding officer saying it strongly backed the constitutional right of military personnel to discuss and critique the government’s policies and conduct.

Apparently Stein thought that meant he could post anything about anyone, so he went and posted that he would refuse to follow orders of President Barack Obama. His defense? “There is not a document in this world that trumps the United States Constitution.”

Nice try, putz. The Constitution makes Obama your Commander-in-Chief and the Corps is now taking steps to discharge you for actions “prejudicial to good order and discipline.” If you don’t like it, you can Bite Me.

While we’re at it, the San Francisco Examiner can Bite Me, too, for their headline “Marine faces discipline for Facebook critique of Obama.” It’s not for his critique, it’s for his announcing that he will disobey orders.

US Marine faces discipline for Facebook critique of Obama | Reuters | News | San Francisco Examiner.

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