Ted Kennedy widow disinvited as commencement speaker over her ‘apparent’ beliefs

Anna Maria College in Paxton, Mass., withdrew their invitation to Victoria Kennedy to speak at their spring commencement after being told by Worcester Bishop Robert J. McManus that Kennedy was not an appropriate choice, because of her position on “the dignity of life from conception and the sanctity of marriage.”

Susie Madrak writes: “Isn’t that special? Once again, the conservative American Catholic leadership selectively brings its position to bear on any Catholic who opposes their highly-politicized positions on abortion, birth control and gay rights — in this case, Vicki Kennedy, widow of Senator Ted Kennedy . . .

“I will say this until I am blue in the face: Until we see the day that Catholic bishops also publicly embarrass politicians who vote for unjust wars, capital punishment or against the rights of workers to unionize things which are ALSO Catholic teachings, we know that they are nothing more than hypocritical sacks of lard.”

via Vicki Kennedy Disinvited As Commencement Speaker After Catholic Bishop Pressures College About Her ‘Apparent’ Beliefs | Crooks and Liars.

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