Idiot Police Commissioner Bratton does it again: decries ‘epidemic’ of citizens recording arrests

The whole point of recording the police is to prevent the LEE (law enforcement establishment) from spinning police misconduct as the fault of the victim.

Some police encounters involve civilians breaking the law, attacking police, or resisting arrest. Biteme has no sympathy for them.

But some encounters involve law enforcement officers shooting unarmed civilians, stopping them because of their race, or beating people who are already in handcuffs.

I say: record them all. Then we’ll bust the bad guys, reward the good guys and stop the coverups.

As for the police having the elbow room to safely do their job, the Bitemaster proposed last year that we make it illegal for citizens to come within 25 feet of the cops they’re recording.

It’s a law that Bratton has so far declined to support.

Source: NYPD’s Bratton decries ‘epidemic’ of citizens recording arrests

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