Even the Koch Brothers Agree with Me on the Debt Ceiling

As far as I know, not raising the debt ceiling could push the US over a fiscal cliff into the murky swamp of default. It wouldn’t be good for Dave and Charlie Koch and it wouldn’t be good for me.

That said, I think we’re going to have to do major surgery on Social Security (e.g., lower benefits, raise the age of eligibility, raise the cap on contributions). And I don’t believe the current Medicare regime is sustainable either — we’re going to have to reform that, too.

So do I align with the Dems or the Repugs?

I believe the Dems will screw me through incompetence, and the Repugs will screw me because they want to. I’ll stay with the Dems, thank you.

Even The Koch Brothers Disagree With The GOP On The Debt Ceiling.

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